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HP Authorization Center has Migrated to a new system!

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Welcome to HP Licensing for Software

Dear HP Customer,

The HP Authorization Center has been replaced by the HP Licensing for Software portal! This page provides important information that will help you make the transition as well as links to the new portal.

The new system uses HP Passport to manage access. You will need to click the “sign in” button on the bottom of the home page to execute most licensing transactions. If you already have an HP Passport account, enter your HP Passport user id and password. If you don’t have an HP Passport account, click “New User please register” or “New User Registration” on the left navigation menu.

To go directly to the HP Licensing for Software portal and sign in to HPP, click here.

The new license activation process is similar to the old process, but some terms have changed. In the new system, you will be asked for your EON (Entitlement Order Number), which replaces “Registration Number” that you may have used in the past. When asked for your EON, simply enter your “Registration Number” instead.

Click on the links below for more information. Click on the “Home” link on the left to see your new license authorization center. For further in-depth help please see the tutorial on our new system or contact licensing support.

How to perform specific tasks in the new system

  1. How to generate a license key
  2. How to reprint license certificates
  3. How to generate a switch replacement key

Ready to get started?

Important! HP-Cisco Customers

When the new licensing portal asks for your EON, please enter “HPCISCO”, then press “Go”. Following this, your license redemption will proceed normally, i.e. you will be asked for your PAK (Product Activation Key, which can be located on your entitlement certificate) and for the serial number of your hardware.

Important! HP XP P9000 Information

All license management tasks have been moved to the HP Software for Licensing portal. This includes license activation, certificate reprint and licensing support tasks related to all XP/P9000 hardware platforms.

The HP Software for Licensing portal organizes licenses for a given XP/P9000 Disk array under a unique Target Name. During the transition to the new system, a Target Name was created for every HP XP P9000 Disk Array based on the hardware platform and DKC serial number. For example, a P9500 Disk Array with a DKC Serial Number of 53535 would be given the Target Name: P9500_53535. The Target Name can be modified in the portal by the owner if desired.

When you first sign in to the HP Licensing for Software portal, you will be asked to create a permanent user profile for yourself and asked to select or create a company to which you belong. This is the company that will end up owning the targets and licenses that you activate or claim. Please enter this information carefully and accurately. It only has to be done once!

General Information

Target Ownership: In the HP Licensing for Software portal every Target is owned by a company. A company has a primary user with company admin privileges and can have multiple other users with either company admin or end user privileges. New Users choosing an existing company will have to be authorized by the company admin for that company before they can see licenses belonging to the company. Unauthorized new users can still activate licenses and create targets but will only be able to see the records they have created. When a new user selects an existing company an email is automatically sent to the company admin asking for them to authorize the new user.

Activation on behalf of another Company and User option: During license activation, there is an option to activate a license on behalf of another Company and User. This is especially important for the service representative activating a license for their customer. They must have permission from the customer and know the e-mail address for one of the authorized company users to be able to use this option.

If you are an HP Employee or other HP authorized service provider and you are activating a license for your customer, it is very important that you use the ‘activate on behalf of another Company and User’ option to ensure the license ownership is correct.

How to generate a license key

The steps for activating a license on the new system are very similar to the HP Authorization Center. Once you are logged into the system with your HP Passport log-in, a Registration Number (known as an Entitlement Order Number in the new system) is entered and the activation process begins. Entitlement Order Number entry can be done from the portal Home page or by clicking on “Activate” from the Activation menu.

How to reprint a license certificate

To view and reprint the certificate for a license that belongs to your company, you must be an authorized user for your company. You can view and reprint only your own activated licenses if you are not yet authorized. Once signed in to the portal, go to the Activation menu and click Certificates. The Search Activation Certificates page displays and you can search for your certificate based on several criteria. Once found, you have the option to view or e-mail the certificate.

How to generate a switch replacement key

The Replacement key process is only available for Fibre Channel switch products in a break-fix situation.

Please click on the “Contact Licensing Support” link on the left navigation menu to find your local support center to initiate the process for a replacement key.

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